Curly Girls are in – thank you Curly Girl Method!

Shake those curls!

The curly girl craze is upon us. Curly is officially in and I’m ready for it. I’ve been ready for it my whole life. My unruly locks have ungracefully made their presence known atop mpy head my entire life. Albeit the first year I was a little bald child, after that, it was all curls. Just as us curlies have utilized the many hair straightening tools to achieve the desirable paper flat look, many are now scouring the shelves of their local beauty supply store for curlers, rods, and bobby bins. Whatever method of curling they choose to use the desired result is the same, voluminous curly hair! Shakes naturally curly hair, finally I can shake what my mama gave me. Lord knows she didn’t grace me with a booty.

The Curly Girl Method is working!

I have not been brave enough to throw my flat-iron in the waste basket but I do give it a dirty look every time I go into the hair cubby for my diffuser. I am strong. I’m now 8 months into the Curly Girl Method of doing my hair which eliminates harsh chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols, waxes, and of course heat. I found my hair to be healthier, shinier, curlier, and more manageable! Also my hair is more reasonable. We argue less and the physical fights have stopped almost completely. I put her in a hair tie and she stays, the volume level stays at cute and stylish which is a drastic change from the mufusa look she use to give me.

Keep on curling on!

Every day is different. Some things never change! One day will be a great hair day and the next day will be a frizzy catastrophe. Life with curls can be a big headache but a great life nonetheless. It took a lot of broken brushes, detangling sprays, tears, and ridiculously large balls of hair to get to where I am now. I think I’ll keep my curls.

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  1. I’m enjoying this curly journey as well and loving all the curly inspirational feedback that comes along with it. Learning to Embrace them while feeling Frizz Free 🥰


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