I didn’t do my hair today and I’m ok with that


Today I took a free day. My children played happily at their grandparents house and I slept in until noon. I grudgingly got up, got dressed, and without looking in the mirror I left the house. I didn’t touch my hair in the slightest so I suppose it’s true if you have curly hair you can get up and go – all my curlies know what I’m talking about.

I gave serious thought to running away to the beach (the closest beach is about 60 miles away) and googled “cool bookstores” to no avail. What do I like to do? I thought. I know me, I know what I like, I can do this.

What does this have to do with hair? I realized mentality dictates my desire to do my hair. I can get dressed, take a shower, but styling my hair and following a routine is exhausting and out of the realm of my abilities.

When I’m sad I don’t care how I look. I don’t care to impress people. My hair gets in tangled knots and I get more upset because how can I let my hair get this way? People compliment my hair every day. How beautiful it is, how curly, how great. How much it can take out of me is unbeknownst to them.

When I’m happy doing my hair is easy, fun, and I try new products and styles and go about my day as a normal functioning human in society. That’s what normal people do every day right? Their hair, always put together always presentable. Except no one is that normal and no one is that put together.

My life changed when I realized the Kardashians have a vast collection of wigs they use frequently. Wigs. If they can have hair cheat days I can too. I may not use wigs but this bun on top of my head or poofy mess blowing in the wind with no product and no cares is just as good.

I went to the movies by myself. That’s what I decided. It was different and probably not for me. Today is a better day; today I’ll do my hair.

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