One Year Curly Girl Method Results! (Pictures below)

Yesterday was one year since I started the Curly Girl Method of doing my hair. I’ve always had curly hair though years of straightening my hair, to what I thought was perfection, damaged it. My hair could no longer hold a curl with a curling iron it was so damaged and when wet it was a curly, wavy, frizz ball. Nonetheless people loved my hair because it was long, thick, and voluminous! It didn’t matter that it was damaged, had no shine, and felt brittle. People wanted my hair but really they shouldn’t, they just didn’t know it. I would say how damaged my hair was and they would say I would still take it! That’s fine but I would gladly leave it if I could have healthier hair.

I discovered the Curly Girl Method while on instagram admiring all the curly haired beauties and their impossible routines. There’s no way, I thought, they are getting results for curlier hair simply by scrunching their hair and using a diffuser, yet that is what it appeared to be! Every curly girl went from wet limp hair to spiral envy curl heaven with just a diffuser and a fast tracked video. I started paying attention to how the video seemed to skip so much and it turns out I was right! They didn’t get results from a few hair products and a diffuser, though it definitely helps as I’ve come to learn. 

To achieve great looking curls you have to practice healthy hair styling. When you want a healthier body you eat better and you do specific exercises to achieve specific results. The same is true with curls. I no longer use products with drying alcohols, waxes, sulfates, and silicones. I diffuse my hair on low heat alternating between warm and cool air. I do not use a flatiron. I have yet to throw it away ( I know, I know) but the desire to straighten my hair has significantly diminished. 

The smell of burnt hair makes me cringe, I remember watching my hair fry as smoke lifted from the iron and I just hoped it was enough to keep my curls at bay. I knew my hair was burning but I thought straight hair was still better than the frizzy mess that was my hair. What a sacrifice for beauty! Burn my hair but hey it’s straight! If only I knew how beautiful it could be if I just took care of it, treated it kindly, used gentle products, and had patience. 

7 thoughts on “One Year Curly Girl Method Results! (Pictures below)”

  1. Your curls are beautiful! Can you please tell me what your regimen is w products? My hair looks like your before, I am praying I can soon look like your after pic. Thats the curl I want to bad. Any help is appreciated! God Bless 🙂

  2. Wow, what a great post. It truly opened my eyes to how I feel about my own hair. Can you do a recap on your hair journey with products and an updated routine!! Plz

  3. I am definitely going to try the curly girl method now. I hear great things about it, but your are the proof!!


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