Curly Bangs – Deciding to Cut My Hair!

For the past few weeks I have been itching to cut my hair, maybe I shouldn’t say itching and hair in the same sentence. I have been craving a new hair style. I thought about it often and I finally decided, I’m going to cut my hair! I’ll do another unicorn cut. Just a bit of a trim to get a few dead end pieces. I cut it and my curls sprung up much more than I ever expected! I didn’t have to search for spirals, I had to search for pieces in lack of! I was ecstatic and yet it still wasn’t enough. 

While searching through the folds of social media I came across a curly girl with the most beautiful curly bangs. I’ve cut straight bangs before, a couples times, and each time I have the same regret. I wish I looked good in bangs but it simply does not look good. I thought, well I’ve never tried CURLY bangs! That’s a whole new world of bangs ready to be discovered. I gave my new found spirals a shake and let my hair fall to where it naturally wanted to be. A good amount sprang to the front, this, I thought, is where I will cut my bangs. I’m not a professional by any means but I am not afraid to cut my own hair. I gave myself a dry cut with my silver sewing scissors and cringed as beautiful spirals made contact with the bathroom sink. 

I looked in the mirror and immediately felt the guilty sensation of someone who is doing something they are NOT suppose to do. I took a step back and decided I will wait until I wet, style, and dry my bangs before deciding if I liked them or not. I loved them! They made me feel and look good. I tried not to care what other people would think or say but the truth is that’s all I could really think about. The opinion of others is a tangible sensation that can motivate to success or discourage to failure. 

Deciding to cut my hair without telling anyone was a major step in independence for me. I did not want to appear to be asking permission. When I tell my friends or family I want to do something with my hair (cut bangs?!) I get responses such as – no don’t do it! Your hair is so beautiful and long – I appreciate the compliment but why does long hair equate to beauty? I’ve seen so many short haired curlies with beautiful hair and I enviously wished mine looked the same. It wasn’t the desire for long nor short hair I was after, It was the bounce of a healthy curl. 

I’ve had people tell me don’t ever cut your hair more times than I can count. I wish more people would have told me do not straighten my hair! Though I’m sure through the stubbornness of adolescence I still would have cut my hair. 

With this experience I realized people still give their unsolicited opinion on something that is already done. My response? Oh well! It’s my hair, my choice. I never do my hair for others I do it for myself. There has been times I regretted cutting or styling my hair a certain way and that’s all a part of the journey. My bangs are currently tickling my forehead and I don’t like the sensation but I do like the look. Will I continue to trim by bangs as they grow out? Probably not. On to the next. For more pictures of my curly bangs follow me on instagram at

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