Astronauts. Women. Curlies.


What does being an astronaut and having curly hair have to do with anything, you ask? Today, everything! Today marks history for not only women but women with curly hair in the workplace! Though the injustices of discrimination against women with curly hair do exist on this planet, I am squealing with delight on this historic day when being a woman, having curly hair, and working are no match for two unworldly queens who completed the first all-women spacewalk today! Throw a meteor at illogical stereotypes claiming curly hair is unprofessional and fly me to space with my people! If you are a curly, you know just what I mean.

NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir successfully made repairs on the International Space Station, fixing a broken battery and breaking out of this world stereotypes against women with curly hair. Surely if two women with curly hair can make history by being the first all-women team to spacewalk and successfully complete their task, women all over the world can complete their day-to-day work tasks without being discriminated against based on how they choose to wear their hair.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved constellations, planets, everything about space! When I was thirteen, my parents bought me a telescope – a bit late for the occupation I no longer desired. Around the same time, I envisioned what it would be like to cross the atmospheric threshold my hair was creating its own volumetric place on this planet. I definitely revolved around it. I did not like that my hair was big nor did I care for its curls that became a frizzy mess before the days end.

By the time I began to love my curls and take care of them, I was well into adulthood and being an astronaut was on my mind about as much as others my age dreamed of being a princess or veterinarian. I went to school for Journalism and preceded to do everything that had nothing to do with writing until I started my blog, this blog, about curly hair in the workplace.

Now I have a young daughter whom I hope will always have a love for her curly hair and always have the same opportunities as those who look different from her. Thank you to Koch and Meir for breaking barriers and setting the stage for others to shine as bright as the sun!

5 thoughts on “Astronauts. Women. Curlies.”

  1. Your blog is amazing!!! I’m glad you grew into loving your curls they are and have always been beautiful and you’re baby girl rocks her curls very well

  2. This blog was soooo interesting! It was so clear, to the point and very very cute. I loved all the information and the female empowerment!

  3. Officially hooked.. can’t wait to read your next post!! I love how inspirational and uplifting this was!! I’m glad your teaching your daughter to love her curls it pivotal at her age!!

  4. Always love a good read about women breaking barriers! Way to go Koch and Meir! And way to go to you and your daughter for embracing and loving everything that makes you uniquely YOU!❤️


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